How to Have the Best Ice Cream Beach Day

To quote the Beach Boys, “if everybody had an ocean. Across the USA, Then everybody’d be surfin’ Like Californi-a”. Everyone knows the best ice cream beach days are in California, and San Diego features some of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy the waves, sand, and sunlight. We are here to tell you how to have the best ice cream beach day ever! Its never a bad idea to include ice cream and coffee to your perfect beach equation.

Find the Best Spot for Ice Cream

That best spot where you can find enough sunlight to get that beautiful tan is never far away. Don’t forget to bring your high SPF! To avoid the awful sunburns no one likes on their beach days! There are so many spots to enjoy nature and the fun of being at the beach in summertime! Visiting Pacific Beach is also one of the best ideas for getting the best ice cream there is in San Diego! The perfect spot to relax and drink a fresh cup of Caramel Macchiato from Glazed Coffee & Creamery.

Find the Perfect Sandals to Walk to our Shop

Whether you are into flip flops or slides, having the perfect shoe will make your beach day a way more enjoyable experience. And don’t forget to keep your slides from getting wet! Also you might want to walk over to our Soft Serve ice cream section and order yourself a delicious chocolate ice cream. That might cool down your whole body from that walk over.

Bring Something to Read

Whether it’s a magazine or this blog, having something to read at the beach is the best form of relaxation! It makes you want to just lay on your beach towel and pass the hours away enjoying the ocean sounds. If you enjoy reading over a cup of tea, we offer hot or iced teas. Which might add to your
serene day of relaxation.

It’s Good to have Company

Everyone knows everything is better with friends. Bringing many of your friends to the beach can be a bonding experience and make it a memorable moment for everyone involved specially when getting ice cream. Besides, it is also good to be with a group in case you decide to go swimming! Be careful with the rip currents; they can be pretty powerful throughout the day.

Don’t Forget your Ice Cream

If you decide to visit Pacific Beach, a mandatory stop should be to Glazed Coffee & Creamery! We’re serving fresh and delicious ice cream and coffee every day! We have over 20 mouth-watering glaze flavors, and once you try one, you’ll want to try them all! If you’d like to get in touch, you can give us a call at (858) 263-4300 or click here to order online.

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