mom enjoying a fun morning drinking coffee with her family in pacific beach

Enjoy the best coffee and ice cream in Pacific Beach at Glazed Coffee and Creamery.

What to do and where to go as a mom in Pacific Beach

It’s the best job and the hardest job in the world.
“They” don’t tell you that.
“They” tell you all about how your baby is the size of a papaya, or how ‘fed is best’.
I heard I’d be tired, but I’d been tired before!  How bad could it be?!
This was next-level tired.  

I’d heard many times that my love for this new human would grow so much, it would be immeasurable.  That part was very true.  

My love for coffee grew as well.  A lot.  

Over time, I learned the tricks that could help me cope with the exhaustion.  First, and foremost…. Coffee.  Good coffee (a simple, yet necessary pleasure), fresh air, and being around others were also so good for both my baby, and me.

So, on Friday morning, when I woke up, I knew it was time to put my beautiful baby in the stroller and head out for a walk.  I must say, I’m lucky enough to live in the greatest city in the USA, San Diego, where the sun is almost always shining.  I love to visit the beach, and walk the boardwalk which is never far when you’re in San Diego.  Today, I headed to Pacific Beach for some warm sun, ocean breeze, waves crashing, and of course, people watching.  The boardwalk was lined with vendors of jewelry, yoga clothes, pain relief, you name it.  It’s so energizing to be outside and I could feel myself waking up.  Lots of people are out walking their dog, skateboarding, running, jogging, walking with strollers, biking, etc.  

This felt good.

Only one thing was missing… coffee.  I saw someone holding a cup and asked if it was from a local shop.  She said it was from right across the way – Glazed Coffee and Creamery.   

I headed over with my little guy and was greeted by sweet Kendall who recommended a Mint Mocha with dark chocolate.  Done!  Sounded delicious.  My little guy was getting close to his mid-morning snack time, so I looked for something on the menu for him, and was so pleased to see so many options!  They had donuts, beach bombs (egg sandwiches), juice, shakes, milk, etc.  They also had giant ice cream cones that looked amazing, but, I settled on an egg and cheese beach bomb for him. We headed over to the tables to enjoy our snack and drinks with a side of beach and people watching. The coffee was delicious, and my son devoured his sandwich!  I also met another mom there getting out with her kids for some playtime and exercise.  

What a great place!  I will definitely be back, but next time, I will not forget the sand toys, or to order the ice cream.  We could spend hours there, be entertained, and fed well.