5 Kid-Friendly Adventures in Pacific Beach for Spring Break

Pacific beach, the vibrant neighborhood between La Jolla and Mission Beach, is young at heart. While its relaxed atmosphere attracts many college students and young professionals, there are tons of kid-friendly adventures in Pacific Beach as well! The long stretch of coastline gives families an endless amount of opportunities to swim, walk, sightsee, sunbathe, and play. Check out our list of 5 fun things you and your family can do in Pb!

  1. Have Fun at the Beach

The long stretch of soft sand along the neighborhood allows plenty of room for beachgoers. It’s easy to find a quiet and secluded part of the beach if that’s what you prefer. Grab a soft-serve ice cream and head to the sandy shores right outside our front doorsteps. You and the family can relax, go for a walk, or build an elaborate sandcastle!

  1. Enjoy the Water Sports

Pacific Beach is a hotspot for water sports. Kids of all ages can enjoy boogie boarding, bodysurfing, or take surf lessons if they’re feeling adventurous. If you want to dry off for a little bit, the beach is perfect for throwing a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball around.

  1. Walk Along the Boardwalk

Want to enjoy your ice cream or pastry while still getting a little bit of exercise? The Pacific Beach Ocean Front Walk extends for over 3 miles from Mission Beach to Law Street. You’ll walk along beautiful bluffs and beaches, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Snap some family photos along the boardwalk or cruise up and down it on rollerblades or bikes. If you’re lucky, you may see some local celebrities like Slomo and the Bubble Man!

  1. Go Fishing

Crystal Pier is the perfect spot to take the kids fishing, and it’s just a 2-3 minute walk from Glazed Pb! If you’re lucky, you might hook a barred surfperch, halibut, or walleye surfperch. Halibut are quite abundant in the area, so by attaching live bait to your hook, you’ve got a pretty good chance of bringing one home for dinner! Bat rays, shovelnose guitarfish, and (harmless) leopard sharks all patrol the surf line, so there’s a possibility for a large catch.

  1. Relax at Kate Sessions Park

If you’re looking for some inland kid-friendly adventures in pacific beach, check out Kate Sessions Park! It’s a large scenic park located in the middle of the residential area. It has giant hills that kids love to roll down, large open spaces for flying kites, and even a playground. While the kids run around, you can sit back, enjoy your affogato, and take in the stunning views of the city and bay.

Visit Glazed in Pacific Beach

When spending the day in this lively town, you’ll find an endless amount of kid-friendly adventures in Pacific Beach! Glazed is a great spot to start the day or enjoy some well-deserved deserts after hours in the sun. If you want to try the best ice cream, shakes, and pastries in Pacific Beach, give us a visit! You can find us at 4449 Ocean Blvd San Diego, CA 92109. You can always give us a call at (858) 263-4300 or click here to order online.